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Plus it's your fault you were touching my butt


formerly known as theocrocks863 Hey! I'm how_we_fade and welcome to my profile. You're probably here because you know I make fan art and write Twilight fan fiction. Well, let me tell you right away, my artwork is not located in this journal, but in the fan art community here. You still get updates on my art and fanfics with links and sometimes info as to what I'm working on or up to and other random things. Feel free to add me, I will add you back.

my communities
fade_art pennylane_art team_kbitch greenestills elitegreenestew stewart_stills celebs20in20 twicast20in20



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resources(it's in progress)
lots of images for textures from flickr.com and weheartit.com
If i used your textures and didn't credit you, let me know!
most i get from resourcelove and texturize
emonet25 princessbloomy before_water deny1984 crimsonxicons comepaint piemin nasirah recap cookiestome colormetwice ivison whysosensitive diddss terempaty 78777 aube_des_arts crazydelight rustyhalox expose42 sara_stc nineteen07 route12 lianna_91 geneticist_88 flame_inside_me lifeisdolce ullaaa leilax ennife drarmp1t lfcgermany chamberten reyesphile myannarose x_heavenly_x music_fun donna_focaccina ricemeansnice infinite_muse tinyicon aniexx freak_johnny antagia selinna vikyvampirs90 envydia pompcat deny1984 luminiscencia me_chinny gjane burgundy_shoes myannarose daylight_rose evelites ladylinners retrospective xeludes talipuu phoebe driftingaway tle_lovie69 xo_daniellex3 xloliconsx sheld0n zeldona lolaangieblack andraya silentlovelives laurchan before_water marilyne_22 daquien bssybuse createdreams soleil_graphics laurynlonroe annieohhhhyes southern_train snitch_golfer mellowmint wednesdaycats jeyla4ever ohfreckless crazydd joel_le phoebe fedor_morkvo luckylois whisperedtimes black_balloonxx ewanism lemonpunch makarosh jessieka oum_boojae onlyalive8 faerna tomyc juanxyo scoobyatemysnax light_ofmy_life poshing light_ofmy_life overevery tko10 spud66cat hazysea vienna_blood gfxgurl proverbsun 12feethigh windsonnetss lessrest lovepb mun_rikki btvs89 ellaangelus

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